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The Great Resignation – Step 1. Self-Awareness
17 April 2022

The Great Resignation – Step 1. Self-Awareness

Employers – you are on notice. ‘The Great Resignation’ has confirmed that employees have changed. They are discontent and they are ready to move.

As an Executive Coach, nothing pleases me more than when my clients find the courage to move closer towards that which energises them. Importantly, however, I currently see two issues arising with this excitement inducing movement.

Firstly, in order to successfully make a career leap, simply deciding this is not going to make it happen – just like manifesting your greatest dreams are unlikely to just make them appear. This is especially relevant if you are looking to transition into a totally new career. This shift requires you to ensure you have the skills, capabilities and connections to support the change. This shift requires you to know if there are any gaps across these aspects.

This shift requires self-awareness.

The second factor can best be summed up by the old adage – ‘the grass isn’t always greener‘. If you don’t commit the time into become clear on the first factor, perhaps you will be leaping into a bigger or similar level of disengagement.

Again, this requires self-awareness.

I work with many clients who are disengaged because they have lost themselves in their career and the opportunity for them to be empowered pleases me to no end. Never in our history has there been more opportunities to set up your own business or to move careers if you’re feeling the above.

If you are thinking about joining ‘The Great Resignation’,  I will be your biggest encourager to do so. But I offer you this advice  – do so strategically.

Do so with self-awareness.

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